Why do I still see information for my lost/stolen Visa credit card?

Account information is displayed for the card you registered until you choose to remove it. And, it's easy to register your replacement card. 
To Remove a Card: 
  • After logging into Online Banking, select the Visa Credit Card tab
  •  Click the Remove Card link to the right of the card you wish to remove 
  • Click Submit and confirm your selection  
To Register a Card: 
  • In the Credit Card area, select the Services tab and click Manage Cards
  • Click the Add Card button  to register the account by providing:  
    • The 16-digit number of your new card, and 
    • The primary owner's name (exactly as it appears on the card)  
  • Wait just a moment while your information is validated and account data is collected 
  • You'll then be taken to the Summary tab, the default landing page for your new Visa credit card account