What are some of the common errors that will cause a picture to be rejected?

Common reasons for errors include:
  •  Folded or torn corners – The camera detects a folded and/or torn edge on the check. 
  •  Front image is not legible – “View and Retake” error message may appear. 
  • Amounts not matching –The amount entered is different than the amount detected on the check; “Oops!” error appears. 
  • Routing and account numbers unclear – The routing and/or account numbers may not be clearly detected. “Can you clearly read the following Routing and Account numbers?” error appears. 
  • No camera on the phone – “Phone camera needed” error appears. 
  • Image is too dark – “The picture is too dark, please retake the picture.” message appears 
  •  Access denied – Appears if access was denied to Mobile Banking by Inspirus Credit Union.