What money movement options are available?
TRANSFERS gives you the ability to transfer funds to and from  accounts at other financial institutions or between two Inspirus members. You do not need to be the primary account holder on the account you are transferring funds to.   BILL ...
Where can I get information about transferring funds?
For more in-depth assistance, please review the  ? Help  file within the Transfers service in Digital Banking. After logging into Digital Banking, select the Transfers Widget. You will find all the information you need to set up a Quick Tr...
How do I cancel a scheduled (non-BillPay) transfer?
If the scheduled transfer is still pending you can cancel it. Go to the TRANSFERS widget and select Scheduled from the menu. The delete button will be visible when transfers are eligible for deletion.
How do I change my email address so notification of transfers will be sent to the correct email address?
To update your email address, select Settings found in the upper right corner in between Messages and Log Out. Select CONTACT from the menu. Select EMAIL ADDRESSES. Press the Edit button. Enter and confirm your e-mail address. Press Save Changes. ...
How do semi-monthly transfers work?
Currently semi-monthly transfers occur on the 1st and 15th of the month.  If you need them to occur on different days, please set up two separate monthly transfers for the dates you choose.
What if I don't receive a validation code when setting up an external account?
There may be a couple of reasons why you didn't receive an e-mail: - This notification may have been filtered into your junk mail by your e-mail service provider. If so, make the appropriate adjustments as outlined by your e-mail service provi...
How do I transfer funds to another financial institution?
Log into our Digital Banking Platform . Select the TRANSFERS Widget. To transfer funds to an external account, select Classic from the menu. Select Add Account , and from the drop down menu, select at another bank. Please read and ...
How long does it take to transfer money to or from an external account?
Transfers may take up to three business days to complete.
How do I transfer funds to another Inspirus Credit Union member?
You can transfer funds to another Inspirus Credit Union member using the TRANSFERS widget. Log into Digital Banking Select the TRANSFERS widget Select Classic from the menu Enter the account you want the funds to come from  To add anoth...
Is transferring funds to an external account different than a wire transfer?
In most cases, it is necessary for members to contact a financial institution in order to initiate a wire transfer. Most often, there is a fee  for both incoming and outgoing wires to your account(s). There is no charge for members to use the T...
Is there a fee for transferring funds to an external account?
No, the service is offered free of charge as part of your membership with the credit union.