Which types of loans are eligible for Skip-A-Payment?
Skip payments are available for all loan products except co-signer loans, Visa credit cards, overdraft protection, home equity and home equity lines of credit.
I have an automatic payment for my loan. Will it stop to accommodate the skip payment?
All automatic payments made directly to your loan from a Inspirus Credit Union savings or checking account or an outside institution (that you've authorized us to debit) will be deferred until the following month.  All direct deposits, pa...
How many times can I skip a payment?
You may skip two payments per loan for any 12-month period. At least 90 days must pass between each skip payment.
Is there a fee to skip a payment?
Yes. A fee of $20 will be collected for each skip payment. You may choose to pay from any savings or checking account under the same account number as your loan.
Why doesn't my loan appear in the "Loans eligible to be skipped" section?
Only loans tied to the account number used to log into Online Banking will appear. To request a skip payment for a loan under a joint account, log in under that account number. All loans will be displayed whether they are eligible for skip a pa...
What is Skip-A-Payment?
Skip-a-Payment allows you to defer your usual monthly loan payment (on eligible loans) without affecting your credit rating. The missed payment is simply added to the end of your loan term, for example, making a 60-month loan a 61-month loan. It'...
I just opened a new loan account. Can I skip a payment?
The loan must be open for at least six months before a skip payment can be granted.