Can joint or secondary account owners use the Transfer service?
You do not need to be listed as "primary owner" on both the destination and source accounts in order to transfer money using transfer. Please note that any transfers scheduled are only visible to the user who scheduled them.
How much does it cost to send a transfer through PayDough?
PayDough transfers are a free service offered as part of membership with the credit union.
What is PayDough and how does it work?
Paydough is a free service that allows Inspirus Credit Union members with a checking account and a debit card  to safely send money to anyone in the United States who has a valid e-mail address. You don't have to have their account number ...
How is PayDough different from a Transfer?
PayDough allows you to send money to anyone in the United States who has a valid e-mail address or SMS (text) enabled cell phone. You don't have to have their account number to send them money.  PayDough offers real-time payments to other pe...
How do I send money using PayDough?
Payments are initiated from the PayDough widget.  Log into Digital Banking and select the PAYDOUGH widget.  The following steps summarize the process:  Enter the receipient's e-mail address. Add a memo if you wish. Enter the amoun...
How does a recipient deposit the payment to their account?
The recipient will receive an e-mail with a link.  The recipient will select the link and enter their bank account number and routing number.
Popmoney will be changing to PayDough.
As of March 28, 2017, Popmoney will be replaced by PayDough. PayDough enables you to pay someone using your Inspirus debit card. All you need is the recipient's e-mail address. Log in to Digital Banking on March 28th and select the PAYDOUGH widg...
Are there limits on the amount that can be transferred to other financial institutions?
Yes. The number of transfers per day is not limited. However, the dollar amount is limited. The limit per day for transferring into the credit union is $15,000. The limit per day for transferring out of the credit union is $15,000. In addition to th...
Why can't I access PayDough?
The PayDough page can take up to 30 seconds to load and will display a blank page while it is loading. NOTE: A mobile telephone number is required to access PayDough. To add or update a mobile telephone number, please log into Digital Bank...
Is there an express payment option in PayDough?
No, PayDough uses the debit card network. When the recipient receives the funds and enters their account number and routing number the funds will be deposited.
How are Transfers different from Bill Pay?
Transfers  gives you the ability to transfer funds to and from  accounts at other financial institutions. You do not need to be the primary  account holder on the account you are transferring funds to.   Bill Pay is used to pay b...
How long does it take to transfer money?
The length of time will depend upon how the recipient wants to receive payment: - If they enter their debit card information, payment will be the same day. - If they enter a routing number and account number, it may take 1-3 days, depending on p...
What is our daily cutoff time for sending payments?
Daily limits are a rolling 24 hours and it goes down to the second. So, if I reached my limit today at 5:48:40, my limit doesn't reset until tomorrow at 5:48:41.