Inspirus: Troubleshooting Tips

The following are common questions from our members and the answers that normally fulfill the associated need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via phone at 206-628-4010, toll free at 888-628-4010 or via secured message within your digital banking account.

Chances are, you have pop-up blocking software on your computer or a pop-up blocker enabled on your browser. Usually, that's a good thing. It gets rid of annoying advertising pop-ups you probably don't want to see. But pop-up blockers also can keep you from seeing the pop-up windows you've requested for links and forms.

(Another possible cause of the problem: you may have JavaScript disabled, either through a manual setting or via your browser security level.)

If you have requested the security code be sent to you by text message, and it has not arrived in a timely manner, this may be due to a temporary problem with Digital Banking or the network. Please try using a different method--answering a security question, receiving a voice call, or one-time code via email--to receive your security code.

If the problem persists, you may need to contact your mobile service provider.

For your security and protection, Digital Banking will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This timeframe cannot be extended.

Traditionally, these problems center around 3rd party cookies and pop-up blocker settings in your chosen browser. (Browser Settings)

Here are some troubleshooting tips that often help with these types of issues.

  • Make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled and pop-up blocker is disabled
    • eStatements and eNotices require 3rd party cookies to be enabled
    • Visa Credit Card & Paydough widgets will not open if pop-up blocker is enabled on the browser.

Washington State law considers a bank account to be abandoned by the owner if it has been inactive and dormant for 3 years. If your account was closed due to inactivity, the funds were remitted to the State.

Inspirus strives to send multiple notices about this condition when it is detected for a members account.  If no response is received, we are required to remit the funds in the account to the State.

If your money has been sent to the state, please visit the Washington State Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division website to file a claim and have your funds returned to you.

Your current account balance can differ from your available balance for one of the following reasons:

  1. A recent debit card transaction is pending on your account
  2. Funds from a recent deposit have been placed on hold

For further information on your available balance, please contact us at 1-888-628-4010 or send us a secure message  by logging into Digital Banking and selecting the MESSAGE CENTER widget.

To send us a secure message, log into your Inspirus Digital Banking account, from the Dashboard click on the arrow next to your name and choose Messages.

Use this form to open a new account or make changes to an existing account, such as changing your name and adding or removing joint owners.

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