Inspirus: Loan Payments

The following are common questions from our members and the answers that normally fulfill the associated need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via phone at 206-628-4010, toll free at 888-628-4010 or via secured message within your digital banking account.

Pay by phone is an option to make a loan payment and transfer funds into a share or loan account from another financial institution.

Pay by phone has a $15 fee

Pay by phones can be done with a credit card or routing & checking account number.

To process a pay by phone please call 206-628-4010. 

All of our consumer loans accrue interest on a daily basis (you may have seen this referred to as "simple interest" in financial magazines). Whenever any payment is made, the interest that’s accrued up to that day is always paid off first, and everything else is applied to your loan’s principal. 

This “simple interest” method is a benefit to you because the faster you pay off the interest that has already accrued, the less interest will be due for the next payment, and therefore more of that payment is applied to principal. And, as the principal is reduced, so drops the interest that accrues each month. 

The best strategy to payoff off your loan early is to make principal-only payments once a month on the same day that your regular payment is processed. Since your regular payment satisfied the interest that’s due, all additional payments would go directly to the principal. It's always to your advantage to knock down the principal as fast as you can early in your loan. It reduces the total interest you pay, making your loan pay off sooner.

Yes! We can setup an automated, electronic payment to your loan from your account at other financial institution. You can complete the ACH Direct Transfer Form found on our website and return it to us through the mail or through Secure Messages.  Please include a copy of a voided check.  

Members have a 10 day grace period before a late fee is assessed to the loan. For Visa credit cards, the grace period is 5 days. 

Yes. The mailing address is:

Inspirus Credit Union
PO BOX 576
Seattle,WA 98111-0576

Please put account number and loan number on the memo line of your check. 

Payroll Deposit
Have a portion of your paycheck deposited automatically- Check with your payroll to see if this option is available.

Bill Payer
Using your online banking from your primary institution using the bill pay service they can send us out a check. You will need Inspirus routing number 325082266 and your account number. Please call Member Service 206-628-4010 for your account information.

External Transfers with Inspirus
Log into your Inspirus online banking and transfer money from an external account to your Inspirus accounts.

Shared Branching
Access to your accounts is easy with participating credit union shared branching. To take advantage of this service you would need your Inspirus account number and photo ID.

If you have an Inspirus ATM or Debit card you can use participating credit union shared branching ATM machines and deposit funds into your Inspirus accounts and call Member Service at 206-628-4010 to transfer funds, or you can transfer using your Inspirus online banking.