Inspirus Credit Cards: Statements

The following are common questions from our members and the answers that normally fulfill the associated need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via phone at 206-628-4010, toll free at 888-628-4010 or via secured message within your digital banking account.

To sign up, please register your Visa Credit Card through Online Banking via the "Visa Credit Card" tab. Then select the Statements & Activity tab, click "Go Paperless," and follow the prompts to sign up for eStatements.

During the first two billing statement cycles after enrollment, you'll receive both paper statements and eStatements for your Visa Credit Card. After that, you'll receive the electronic statements only. An email notification will be sent a few days after the Visa statement cycles.

Log into Digital Banking and select the Credit Card widget to view current activity, current billing statements, and archived statements.

Generally, this condition is linked to your internet browser setting for  3rd party cookies and/or pop-up blocker. 

  • Make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled and pop-up blocker is disabled
    • eStatements and eNotices require 3rd party cookies to be enabled
    • Visa Credit Card & Paydough widgets will not open if pop-up blocker is enabled on the browser 

Not if you are currently making your payment using Inspirus CU Auto Pay service. You will need to transfer funds from the external account into your Inspirus CU savings or checking account and then transfer funds from the savings or checking account to your credit card.

If you are not currently making your payment using Inspirus CU Auto Pay service,  you can transfer funds from an external account to make a payment on your Inspirus CU Visa credit card. Please follow the instructions below.Log into Online Banking at

  • Select the Credit Card widget. 
  • Select Make A Payment from the options under QUICK LINKS.
  • Use the drop down menu to the right of Amount to Pay field to select the Amount you want to pay.
  • Select the date you want the payment to be made
  • Select the Edit Account Info link to enter the external bank account information. 
    • You will need the bank Routing Number and the checking account number you want the payment taken from
    • Press the UPDATE ACCOUNT button.
  • Press the SUBMIT button.

Once you've registered, the Visa eStatement begins the first eStatement for the next cycle. Visa eStatements archives up to 12 months.

To review statements from previous months, log into Digital Banking, and then select the STATEMENT/DOCUMENTS widget, then select STATEMENTS.