Inspirus Credit Cards: Google Pay

The following are common questions from our members and the answers that normally fulfill the associated need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via phone at 206-628-4010, toll free at 888-628-4010 or via secured message within your digital banking account.

If this is the first card you’re adding to Google Pay™ it automatically becomes your default card. To change your default card, tap on your Inspirus Card within the Google Pay™ app and swipe up to move it to the top of the wallet (default position).

Yes, it’s safer to use than your physical card as your card number is never shared during the purchase and not saved in your device. When you register for Google Pay™ (formerly Android Pay™), your card is assigned a 16 digit virtual number which represents your card number. The virtual number is passed through to the merchant for payment.

For troubleshooting Google Pay™ go to

If your card(s) has been lost or stolen, please report it to the credit union immediately at:

Lost/Stolen ATM/Debit Card 
1-888-628-4010   or   1-303-967-1096 International (Collect)

Lost/Stolen Credit Card 
1-866-820-4927   or   1-3030-967-7096 International (Collect)

When you receive your new card, you will need to add the new card information to your mobile payment device. See Related Article specific to your device for additional assistance.

Select the card you want to remove, tap Delete (which is located under the card’s information) then confirm your deletion request on the next screen.