How do I print or save my Statement?

Statement is being displayed with a PDF viewer program. You will need to use the print function of the PDF viewer (rather than your web browser's print function) in order to print the statement. PDF viewers often utilize a hidden, floating menu. If you hover your mouse near either the top or bottom of the document frame, the PDF menu will pop-up. Then just select the appropriate icon to print or save your document.
Internet Explorer and Chrome users: If you are unable to locate the PDF menu you can also right-click (ctrl+click on Mac) with your mouse anywhere on the document and select Print from the pop-up menu. 
Mac Safari users: The PDF menu for Safari does not offer a Print function. To print your document, open the document in Preview by clicking the  icon from the floating menu or select the "Open in a new window" link directly above the eStatement frame. After the document loads, select File and then Print from the top menu.