How do I add my Inspirus Visa credit or debit card to Samsung Pay™? (steps may vary)

1. From the Home screen, tap Apps and then Samsung Pay™.
2. Tap on ADD and align your card with the frame to automatically detect your card number and expiration date (If your camera cannot read the card number, manually enter the card information by tapping on the Enter card manually link shown on the bottom of your screen).
3. Confirm you card information and enter any additional information then tap NEXT.
4. On the next screen enter your billing address and tap NEXT.
5. Review the terms and conditions and tap AGREE TO ALL.
6. Samsung Pay™ will then verify your card with Visa and Inspirus Credit Union. You will need to contact the number on your screen to speak to a representative who will verify personal information and account details. The numbers shown for our:
a. Visa Credit Card is 1-855-553-4291
b. Visa Debit Card is 1-844-646-5465
7. Once the verification process has been completed (takes approximately 5-10 minutes), your card is added to Samsung Pay™.