Consumer Protection: General

The following are common questions from our members and the answers that normally fulfill the associated need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via phone at 206-628-4010, toll free at 888-628-4010 or via secured message within your digital banking account.

Tips to help you stay safe when using ATMs

  • Memorize your secret Personal Identification Number (PIN) and don't share it with anyone. Don't write it on your card.
  • Make sure no one can see you enter your PIN onto the ATM keypad. Shield the keypad with your body and hand.
  • Never tell anyone your PIN over the phone. Even if a caller claims to work for the police, Inspirus Credit Union, Visa®, or any other organization, don't share your PIN. No one needs to know it but you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. If you notice anything suspicious, consider using another ATM or returning later.
  • Have someone accompany you to the ATM if possible.
  • Park nearby in a well-lighted area.
  • Don't display your cash. Instead, pocket the money
  • Inspect the ATM interface (keypad, card reader, screen, etc.) for any damage or potential tampering of the ATM.
  • Take a moment to ensure you have your card, cash, and/or receipt before leaving the machine

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