How do I create a Budget?
Select the BUDGETS widget. Enter the name of the budget in the field below "Budget Name." SELECT YOUR ACCOUNTS: Check the box next to the account or accounts you want to be a part of the budget. EXPENSES: Choose fr...
Can I download or export transactions?
Export transactions from Accounts by selecting the specific account you want to export. At the top of the list of transactions, you will see a print symbol and an export transactons symbol. You can export transactions in the following formats: Comma...
Can I add my own spending categories in Budgets?
Yes! Log into Digital Banking and select the BUDGETS Widget. Click on the HELP button in the upper right corner for more information.
Which personal financial systems work with Digital Banking?
Inspirus Credit Union's Digital Banking works with Mint, Quicken, Quickbooks, and more. To synchronize your accounts, you may need to export your transactions. You can find instructions on how to do that here: Can I download or export transacti...
Can I add accounts at investment firms and include them in my budget?
Yes. Log into Digital Banking and select Settings , which is found in the upper right corner under Messages and above Logout . Select Accounts from the menu at the top. Select the Link an External Account button. There are 2 options: Extern...
How do I see a year's worth of data in BUDGETS spending report?
You can view your spending over multiple months or a single month. By default, the system displays your spending for the current month. Select multiple months by holding down shift and selecting the desired months.